Duas are like spells!

I have to thank the sister from Parenthood: Muslim Style for her beautiful ‘Small Deeds, Big Rewards’ ebook. It sat saved on my phone for a while until today – the day before Arafah.

This morning, I printed it off and it’s just so pretty that I couldn’t resist this. I had these frames I had planned to put up for a while, and I realised this was the perfect content to display, near my garden doors:

Then I took the sheets and put them in a pile in our living area.

I went through some of the remembrance with the kids and the meaning as well. So they each perused the sheets and picked one. Y was amazed at the fact that such few words could have such weight.

I used these traditional kitchen scales we have to illustrate how much one of these statements could mean. And some of them, how easily they remove a bad deed. He was really taken aback how at much you can change your standing with Allah by simply uttering certain words. Excitedly he thought aloud, ‘So I could say it when I’m just doing something?’

‘Yes!!’ I said. ‘In the car, walking about, playing, anywhere!’

The joy in his face (Allahumma barik lahu) was what, if I could capture anything, I would seize this, and keep it in a bottle for my lowest of days when I need an iman boost…

After a while, looking out the window Y said, ‘Duas are a bit like spells aren’t they?’ (He’s reading Harry Potter.) ‘They change things and can make miracles just by words.’

I had to think, but it was true. Obviously as Muslims we don’t believe nor indulge in the dark arts or magic(!) But it is very true that just by releasing a few words we can phenomenally change our status in Akhirah, through invoking the One who deserves all praise, reliance and worship. How amazing is that.

So these sheets still sit on my footstool and my children, my mother in law have come and used them through the day.

Dhikr is a beautiful action, I was reminded, which can mean more than our eyes and ears can perceive. If we really did try to picture our scales with Allah, it could push us to make the good that bit heavier each and every day.

May Allah SWT grant the sister who made them immense rewards!


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